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HelloWeb is a simple site management system for Google App Engine. It allows to easily create flat sites of a few pages. Flat sites are easier for the users, all pages are accessible from the menu, everything is visible, any page is just one click away.


  1. Pages are written in Markdown (plain text)
  2. Every page has a form to edit it in-place, there is no complicated admin backend
  3. Site menu is generated automatically
  4. sitemap.xml is generated automatically
  5. You can use Django templates to make a custom design
  6. Google offers free hosting (at appspot.com or on your own domain)
  7. You can export everything as XML
  8. Source code is less than 20 kB


You can try HelloWeb here.


HelloWeb is distributed under GNU Affero GPL, but I consider changing the license to BSD. You can get the source code from Mercurial repository (current version).

Report bugs using feedback button on the right or in the issue tracker. Patches are welcome.

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